Sweet as Pie Golden Retrievers

Puppy Purchase Agreement and Warranty

Please note that this webpage version of the contract is provided for information only. The breeder will provide a physical copy of this agreement to buyers at the time of purchase.


Puppy Purchase Agreement and Warranty

Congratulations on your brand new Sweet as Pie Golden Retriever! For the purpose of this contract Derek and Clara Moore will be referred to as the breeder or seller. The person or persons named below will be referred to as the purchaser or buyer.

Purchaser Information

Name(s): ______________________________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code: ____________________________________________________________

Phone Number: ________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _________________________________________________________________

Puppy Information


Sire: Nalimana Drama U Najavi (Serbia), AKC # SS44956701

Dam: Caramel Apple Pie, AKC # SS12947718

Date Whelped: April 3, 2024

AKC Litter # ____________

Sex: ____________

Puppy Nickname: ____________


Purchase Price

The full Purchase Price is $2,500.00. The Purchase price includes one (1) Golden Retriever Puppy, limited AKC registration application, and a new puppy gift bag.

The gift bag includes:

  • Stuffed toy/blanket with the scent of the litter
  • One small bag of puppy’s current puppy food
  • Puppy exercise guide from Puppy Culture
  • 2 NuVet Vitamins 


The purchaser secures the purchase of a puppy as soon as the seller has received a non-refundable deposit of $300.00. The remaining balance of $2,200.00 is due at the time of pick up.

Litter AKC Registration

The breeder has obtained the AKC Litter Registration for this litter. The individual registration application for the puppy will be provided to the purchaser at the time of pickup of the puppy. These puppies will have limited registration, which means that the dog is registered but no litters produced by that dog are eligible for registration. We require that you spay or neuter your dog per your veterinarian’s instructions. Please visit the AKC website for more information on limited registration and showmanship.

Breeder Recommendations

Feeding Practices

We recommend feeding your puppy a high protein large breed puppy food until the age of 4 months. At that time, we recommend that you mix half puppy food and half adult food of high-quality large breed dog food for the next 2 months and then switch to all adult dog food at the age of 6 months. Follow the instructions on the bag of food for correct proportions. Under no circumstances should the puppy/dog be allowed to become obese, or underweight, and growth should never be accelerated with additives. If you have further questions, please consult your veterinarian.

Vaccinations and Veterinarian Physicals

Our puppies are vaccinated as recommended for puppies of this age, have been wormed, and have had full veterinarian physicals. Breeder will provide purchaser with a current health record from the breeder’s veterinarian. Vaccinations and regular veterinary checkups are necessary throughout your puppy’s life to keep him/her healthy and happy. Worming is also a very common need that should be monitored throughout your dog’s life.


We require that you spay/neuter your dog. Information about the best time to spay/neuter your dog varies widely and we leave the decision regarding the age of spay/neutering up to the discretion of your veterinarian. Be aware that a female can come into heat as early as 6 months old, and if not spayed, she will need to be properly confined for the full month of her heat.

Warranty Terms and Conditions

Notice to Buyer of Good Faith

All canines have the potential for genetic or congenital disease. Due to the nature of these diseases, the breeder, through selective breeding, seeks to minimize the possibility of these conditions. This is done in good faith. Certain disease and disorders are not due to genetics and therefore are not under warranty. Please read the following section of this contract carefully to understand what contagious and hereditary defects are covered under this warranty.

Contagious Illness and Health Guarantee

All puppies are examined by a licensed veterinarian before they are delivered to the buyer. To the best of the breeder’s knowledge, this puppy has no known disease or illness that would adversely affect their health. In order for this guarantee to be valid, the buyer is required to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian for a well check-up within 7 days of purchase. Usually, another series of shots is due at this time. If the puppy is found to have a contagious disease that is untreatable or found to be hereditarily ill and untreatable, then a letter from a licensed veterinarian stating this finding must be presented to the seller within 10 days of delivery. If you choose to use this warranty then the puppy, along with supporting documents such as the AKC registration form included with your puppy, must be returned to the seller within the same 10 days and a full refund of the sale price for the puppy will be given to the buyer at that time, thus ending this contract. The refund does not include any expenses incurred by the buyer or by the buyer’s veterinarian. The seller assumes no responsibility under any circumstances for any/all veterinarian bills.

Puppy Warranty

The breeder warranties this puppy against hereditary hip dysplasia (OFA) and elbow dysplasia (OFA), hereditary eye disease (CERF) and hereditary heart disease (OFA) for the first 26 months of age.

If the dog is dysplastic or has heart or eye issues and is not certifiable by OFA, the breeder requires written proof of the dysplastic rating by the OFA, with original OFA documentation AND a written note from a licensed veterinarian stating that the dysplasia is not a result of over-exercise, injury, or obesity. In the case of the eyes, the documents to be sent to CERF must be shown as proof of genetic eyes disease. The warranty only applies to x-rays or procedures taken between the ages of 12-26 months of age. If you receive a “borderline” rating, the dog must be retested as recommended by the OFA after a six-month period. We will accept a preliminary rating after 18 months of age.

If the dog is bred this portion of the contract is null and void. Upon diagnosis of dysplasia, hereditary heart disease or hereditary eye disease, upon obtaining clearances, the breeder will issue a full refund for the price of the dog. All expenses for clearances are the responsibility of the purchaser and will not be included as part of the refund.


Our breeding program breeds intelligent, loving, friendly, loyal dogs. We also do everything in our power to start early socialization while the puppy is still with us. However, we make no warranty as to the eventual personality of the animal due to the influence of environment and training techniques, or the lack thereof.

Voiding of Warranty/Contract

This warranty will be void under any of the following circumstances:

  1. If buyer allows the dog to become obese or undernourished at any time. Poor diet and physical condition can contribute to or cause hip and joint problems in large breed dogs.
  2. If there are any signs of abuse or neglect of the dog.
  3. If injuries occur while under the care of the buyer such as broken bones or trauma.
  4. If buyer does not complete shot requirements and veterinary visits in a timely fashion.
  5. If buyer does not feed the dog a high quality premium large breed puppy formula food. Low quality dog foods fail to supply the necessary proteins and nutrients required for proper growth of the muscular-skeletal system, the neurological systems, and the brain.
  6. If there is any evidence of abusive or improper exercise such as excessive treadmill or track running, or of lack of appropriate exercise. The dog should exercise and play in ways appropriate to its age and development to avoid damage to bones and joints.

Agreement Between Parties

All parties agree, by signature, to follow the terms of this agreement. This contract contains the entire agreement between these parties and is not transferable. Any changes to this contract must be binding through signature only, and not on verbal agreement. Verbal changes will not be considered legal or binding to this buyer or seller. Any legal action taken for whatever reason would take place in the state and country of the residence of the seller.

This contract is only valid with the original purchaser of the puppy. It is not transferrable.

I/we the purchaser have read and understand the conditions of this contract and agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth.

Purchaser Signature(s)





Breeder Signatures